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Stockholm, Wisconsin 2015 Events



February 6–8 & 13–14, Friday & Saturday 7pm, and Sunday 2pm at WIDESPOT, PLAYERS THEATER

Community theater at its finest, and most fun! Be there to enjoy another sure-to-sell-out show featuring your family, friends, or maybe your neighbors (in case they’re not your family or friends) in performance as The WideSpot Players. Better yet, put on your happy face and BE a Player! Auditions take place in December. Watch for more details at


February 28, Saturday 6pm at WideSpot 5TH ANNUAL GUMBO COOK-OFF!

If you’ve never had West Coast of Wisconsin GUMBO, you haven’t lived. These people know their gumbo! Each year the crowd gets bigger and the competition more fierce. Tickets $12, available at

MARCH 2015


March 14, Saturday 7 pm at WideSpot JEFF RAY & HURRICANE HAROLD

Inspired and sophisticated country blues, Jeff Ray (slide guitar) and Hurricane Harold (harmonica) will get your heart pounding and your legs moving! Trust us, you have nothing better to do in March than get to this concert. Tickets $15, available at


March 28, Saturday 7 pm at WideSpot LAATIKKO WITH SARA PAJUNEN

Known as a gifted violinist, Sara Pajunen’s multimedia exploration begins with a LAATIKKO (box) that contains a collection of early Finnish-American artifacts. Using contemporary elements — voice, a violin, a computer, and the contents of the laatikko, Pajunen creates sounds and images common to both past and present. Discussion with the artist follows, while you enjoy WideSpot’s complimentary dessert and coffee bar. Tickets $15, available at

APRIL 2015


April 11, Saturday 7 pm at WideSpot THE BROKEDOWN DOLLYS

Dollys ROCK, harmonize, and capture the soul of everything they sing, from cowboy faves to ballads to rockin’ country. Tickets $15, available at


April 25, Saturday 7 pm at WideSpot WORD: WITH YATA & CHRIS VALILLO

Acclaimed singer/songwriters Yata Peinovich and Chris Valillo perform melodies woven around poetic and historical works of such timeless writers as Walt Whitman, e.e. cummings, and Yeats. Tickets $15, available at

MAY 2015


May 9, Saturday 7 pm at WideSpot CAFÉ ACCORDION

If accordion players ruled the world, (and why shouldn’t they?) then we’d nominate Café Accordion to be the Supreme Leaders with their melodic, dramatic, creative and colorful performance. Tickets $15, available at


May 30, Saturday 7 pm at WideSpot LAKE PEPIN IDOL

A West Coast of Wisconsin talent show and competition, Lake Pepin IDOL is waaay better than Amateur Hour, and waaay better than American Idol, ‘cause YOU’RE IN IT! Practice. Be there! Win big! Tickets $15, available at

JUNE 2015


June 7, Sunday 7 pm at WideSpot GOIN’ COASTAL RADIO VARIETY SHOW

You can’t miss the end of another year of Goin’ Coastal! Enjoy this Season Two finale filled with stories, drama, great music and, as always, a few surprises. Adults $15/ Kids 5–18 $10, available at