We are dedicated to slowing and reversing the current trend of sediment and nutrient flow to Lake Pepin. We bring a professional approach for public involvement in present and future watershed restoration activities that elevate the importance of implementation of the recommendations and “best practices” that science and reason dictate. Leading with the tools of education and information we will protect the natural heritage of Lake Pepin.


I. To promote a multifaceted approach to reducing the sediment and nutrients from upstream tributaries, with emphasis on the Minnesota River. Currently, the average annual load of sediment is about 1 million metric tons per year (the equivalent of a cubic city block of sediment).

A first objective is to reduce this loading by 50% to achieve transparency goals supportive of submersed aquatic vegetation targets.

This will also reduce the rate of lake in-filling by one half.

II. To restore and preserve conditions in Upper Pool 4 and the head of Lake Pepin.

III. To ensure the institutional arrangements for protecting the lake into the future.

Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance

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