100 Mile Garage Sales

100 Mile Garage Sale

Around Lake Pepin - Minnesota & Wisconsin

April 30 - May 3rd


Since 1980 Mississippi Valley Partners has conducted the annual event 100 Mile Garage Sale. Please join us again this year! Lake Pepin historic river towns and two states clean out their attics, garages and basements to create the most spectacular garage sale around!

Kevin Kling &

Simone Perrin

WideSpot presents

Kevin Kling & Simone Perrin on

May 16th @ 7pm

Kevin Kling is a masterful storyteller. The stories are often hilarious and often also sweetly tender. His autobiographical tales are as endearing as they are true to life: growing up in Minnesota, hopping freight trains, getting struck by lightning, performing his banned play in Czechoslovakia, and eating things before knowing what they were. 

Goin’ Coastal! 7.2 Live-Audience Radio Variety Show

WideSpot presents

Goin’ Coastal! 7.2 Live-Audience Radio Variety Show on

June 7th @ 7pm

Your favorite radio variety show returns to laugh out our tenth season. House musician, Morgana Hasil and the cast (based on real historical figures, ya know!) will pull out all the stops as they set out on another river town adventure. Director Mike Slygh welcomes WideSpot favorite Pat Donohue as the musical guest and Mike will be interviewing the “Mussel Man” from the Wisconsin DNR , Jessie Weinzinger.

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